The Gist - 2024 Game #61: Cubs 7, White Sox 6

June 05, 2024 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

As the sole person still writing for a zombie Cubs blog, it may come as a shock to you that I'm actually a Dodgers fan (even though I hate them). It's true. Check the old posts...or don't. Who cares? Any besides, the Dodgers wasted another stellar outing from Cillian Murphy by losing 1-0 to Pittsburgh yesterday afternoon, so come 7:30/8pm time there was no game for me to watch.

Oh wait...what do we have here? White Sox at Cubs in the 7th? OK I can manage two innings of this. I put the game on, choosing the White Sox feed to listen to Hawk.

There's no Hawk. Did he grab some bench or finally croak? Steve Stone is calling the game and he's at least familiar so let's stick with this. The Cubs pulled it out 7-6 with Happ (I'll get back to that in a moment) driving in the winning run. The rest of this post will be a series of observations.

  • Observation #1 - Who are these people on the White Sox? I knew they were bad, but the lack of major league talent is astounding. The entire roster is kind of like shopping at Aldi. The names are a little familiar, but not the real deal. They have a Sheets and Sosa, but it's not Ben or Sammy. There's a guy named Julks. I can't even type that without autocorrect changing it. Jordan Leasure sounds made up.
  • Observation #2 - The Cubs aren't much better. They have a Happ (not J.A.) and a Suzuki, but not Ichiro or Kurt. And let me tell you even though there's a guy named Mike Busch that was drafted by the Dodgers, it is not Mike Busch from the 1995 replacement player spring training. 
  • Observation #3 - I still hate seeing Bellinger in a Cubs uniform. BRING HIM HOME.
  • Observation #4 - Wrigley looks so nice at night. They should do more night games when employed people can watch. Lee Elia was right when he said "Day games are for the poors." I believe that is a direct quote.

And, uh, that's about it. That certainly was 2 innings of baseball. See you in 2025 dear readers.

Here's a picture of Black Jack McDowell because he was on one of these teams and was awesome.