Thank You Interns

October 03, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

The MLB regular season ends tomorrow and as such so does the TMS summer internship program for 2009. I just wanted to thank our 3 interns for a job well done picking up the slack and writing for us because we're too lazy to do so. You truly are enablers of our underachieving sloth lifestyle.

Here are my favorite posts from each of the interns this summer.

Surrounded by Communists - In Defense of Child Labor. The "In Defense of..." series are probably the most difficult posts to tackle at TMS and SbC nailed this one perfectly. So much so I've been scouring the black market for some eager-bodied Guatemalan children to do the "Charlie-work" here at the saloon.

Ginger Russ - Overrated/Underrated: Mexican Restaurants, Part 1 & Part 2. Ginger Russ has followed TMS almost from the beginning and early on he tapped into what our readers like to squabble about the most, overrated/underrated stuff and food. Be sure to check out Ginger Russ over at his Cubs blog College of Idiots this offseason where he'll continue his Top Ten: Top Ten Plays feature.

Adam Blank - How to Get Laid in 12 Easy Steps. Our resident unemployed alcoholic has graced us with a spectacular melange of booze, B-movies, and obscure punk albums, but his true moment of acceptance at the Saloon came with this horrifically brilliant guide to getting laid. Adam's little niche of esoterica has found a permanent home here at TMS as he has accepted a full-time bartender position with us. So expect the reviews of shitty vodka and odd horror/kung fu movies to continue.

Again, thanks so much to all three of you. And to our readers, be sure to keep an eye out next Spring as we may be searching for interns again in 2010.