The Eyes Have It

March 29, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

The Cubs have officially named the bespeckled Caucasian with two first names, Kevin Gregg (or is it Gregg Kevin?) their closer to start the season. This ends the Kevin Gregg-Carlos Marmol drama that was gripping the nation, and had the eyes of the world upon us.

I'm told TMS officially endorsed Mr. Gregg as the Cubs closer. I apparently wasn't consulted on this decision, though if I had, the result would have been one of indifference. I think either player is capable of handling the role and if Gregg sucks it up, you move Marmol to the role. Given that Marmol seems a little more fragile emotionally than Gregg (pure speculation), this move probably makes sense since demoting Marmol from the closer role would probably be more demoralizing to Carlos than it would be to Kevin. This allows Marmol ease his way into the role once he gets his groove back, like Stella.