BREAKING NEWS: Folwer Spurns Orioles To GET THAT RING With The Cubs!

February 25, 2016 | Comments (0) | by Rich Funk

Coming WAY out of left field (or technically center field), Dexter Fowler is now back with the Cubs!


Yes, it's true. Apparently Theo took the field at Spring Training to announce the deal right as Fowler walked out to join his teammates. That's some total WWE Surprise Entrance shit right there!

With Schwarber and Heyward and Soler in the OF, does this point to a trade coming? All we heard in the offseason was how much the Cubs front office loves Soler, so if he is the odd man out, I feel like he'd only be moved for a BIG return. Obviously this has something to do with Coghlan being shipped to Oakland about an hour ago.

Either way, the best team in baseball just got BETTER. I can't even take it. Opening Day cannot get here fast enough.