The Gist: Game 2

April 06, 2016 | Comments (3) | by Rich Funk

Welcome to The Gist! Thunder Matt's Saloon readers of yore will recognize this game recap as the most inconsistent thing we've ever done. So why do I think I can tackle a game-by-game recap over an entire regular season? Because it's 2016 and I can write this from the bus every day. That said, this will most likely be pretty phoned-in. Let's do it!

What Happened: Take Monday night's game, sprinkle in a tad more power and a smidge less pitching, and you've got Tuesday's impressive 6-1 win over the Angels, sweeping the short series in Anaheim.

I'm going to sound like a broken record here, but the Cubs offense went out and did exactly what they did on Monday night: work favorable counts, get on base and score runs. The twist? It was Matt Szczur and David Ross that got the party started at the bottom of the order. Maddon gave the starting nod to Szczur over Schwarber based solely on Szczur's alma mater Villanova winning the NCAA tournament on Monday night, and Szczur took full advantage going 2-4 and scoring twice to go with his solo homer. Szczur now has 4 RBI in 2 games. And he's our 5th outfielder.

Not only did Rizzo and Fowler also homer, but they did so with men on base, which is how you're going to beat the Mets and Nationals of the world.

Say it together, because I know you know these words by now: The Cubs will score a metric shit ton of runs this year.

Oh Yeah, That Other Awesome Thing: Jon Lester threw 7 innings of one run ball, striking out 4. Yet again, we were able to get our starter out of the game before they hit 100 pitches. That all adds up over the course of the season. Cahill, Wood and Strop combined for two perfect innings of relief and I cannot remember the last time I viewed the Cubs bullpen as an actual strength. We're only 2 games in and things are already getting weird.

MVP: Have to give it to Lester here. He was in control the entire night and actually looked pretty great in every inning but the sixth.

LVP: Andrew Heaney's bloody nose. He leads the league in bloody noses for now. And the cotton that was just flowing out of his nose all night was a disgusting sight to behold. Look at this thing. It looks like your uncle's unkempt nose bush:

Fun Fact: With two games in the books, the Angels offense has seen 228 pitches. The Cubs offense has seen 312. That's what happens when you have a lineup that can have that One Big Inning (copyrighting that this season) at any time.

BOLD-ISH PREDICTION: Kris Bryant doesn't have a hit so far this season, but he's really been making some great contact, so I predict he hits 3 home runs against the Diamondbacks this weekend.

"YOU ARE NEXT" (brought to you by TMS Correspondent Chong Li):

The Cubs head out to Arizona to take on the Diamondbacks for 4 games starting Thursday night at 8:40 CST.


Pink case @ 11:12 AM, April 06, 2016

Please try to post the Cub games as much as you can. You write with style!

Anonymous @ 2:02 PM, April 06, 2016

Found this blog 3 days ago. I think I have read every post now. This shit is addictivley good.

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