The Gist: Game 8

April 14, 2016 | Comments (0) | by Rich Funk

Truth: The 4th inning just ended and the Cubs are currently up 9-1. That might not be the final (they could score more runs!), but honestly, things look well enough in hand that I don't mind writing this Gist now. It's cold and the best team in baseball is curbstomping the Reds pitching staff. We could all wake up tomorrow morning and the game might still be in the 8th inning with the Cubs up 438-1.

Again, With These Walks: The Cubs continued to do the thing that the Cubs are going to do a whole lot of times this year: walk and get on base. Reds starter Alfredo Sauceman only got 2 outs out of about 48 pitches and didn't escape the first inning. The rest of the guys...well, none of the other guys were any good either. There were several times where I thought the Reds did that thing where you're getting beat so bad that you put one of your position players in to pitch in order to save the bullpen, only they didn't. Their actual bullpen pitchers are so bad they look like shortstops on the mound. Again, that was several times I had that thought and it's the 5th inning.

They Said It Much Better: If you didn't read this Fangraphs article about how the Cubs are way good at taking walks, go do so right now.

We Are Good: That's about it, folks. Unless something crazy happens like Billy Hamilton getting on base, this one follows the same formula we've seen so far and will continue to see the rest of the year: Cubs scoring a lot and winning.

The Official Hashtag Of The Year Is: #AnybodyAnytime, straight from MIGMON's mouth.

"YOU ARE NEXT" (brought to you by TMS Correspondent Chong Li):

We keep telling Chong Li that if he goes around breaking legs and blowing snot on everyone, someone is eventually going to kill him. And I love the way he tries to hide in the crowd of 4 people, none of them looking anything like him. The look on his face is exactly the look you have when you're zoning out on a work call and suddenly someone says your name.

Anyway, the Cubs and Reds are back at it tomorrow against the Reds at 7:05, with the Cubs looking to sweep. The Cubs will run out Jason Hammel and the Reds will go with Opening Day Starter By Default Raisel Iglesias.