Bartender Banter: Pub Crawl Edition

May 11, 2012 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

No Friday Bar Rag this week.  Instead I'm too busy resting my liver for tomorrow's big event.  I will be heading to Chicago for the 4th Annual Wasting Away in Wrigleyville Pub Crawl.  9 innings, 9 bars, no mercy.  I'll be joining John and Steve from WAIW along with fellow TMS bartenders from past and present including Mr. Funk and White Chili, and whole cast of ragtag misfits for what's surely going to be an event I'll not remember.

And to share with you, our dear readers numbering in the tens, I plan to video document this event.  Armed with a beer, my iPhone and a childlike sense of wonderment I will film our descent into madness, one bar at a time.  Then historians can some day piece together the events of that day and perhaps shed light on what exactly happened.  It'll be like Cloverfield but with fewer alien monsters and a lot more Malort.

Also, I made a map for the event!

It's a long hard journey, and some of you may perish along the way.