Friday Bar Rag Cocktail

May 04, 2012 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

While you sit and wonder if we really did see Carlos Marmol blow a save for the last time, here is a hodgepodge of crap for you to check out from the past week.

bbq for men - For $950. And it's going to have fucking terrible heat retention. But yeah, the mahogany handle is the tits. Can't wait to keep it outside during winter. Let's see how "art"looks after the thaw.

Prometheus International Trailer - Enjoy nerds.

New Nets logo - It's a million times cooler simply for not having "New Jersey" in it.

The Fourth Annual WAIW Pub Crawl is coming up on May 12.  It's too late to buy the shirt (shown at right) but you can still probably tag along.  You just won't be a suave-looking motherfucker like the rest of us.

Obiwan Kenobi Arrested - Jedi falling on hard times.

Kate Upton Bikini Dance - Probably not the best thing to watch at work. Actually you'll probably want some "alone time" for this. - Take a trip down shitty Cubs memory lane.

Being cautious gives you Parkinson's - I know it looked like I did a ton of cocaine and drove my car into the side of a building before running off and stabbing a hobo.  But it's all part of my Parkinson's prevention.

Three grannies watch Kardashian sex tape - The tip is purple!

Kate Upton Bikini Dance - Now in GIF form!

Tim Tebow Prom Date - Buddy Christ was able to chaperone.

10 Secrets to Life from Nick Offerman - Between this and the Swanson Pyramid of Greatness I think I have all I need to raise my children right.

Typical bang bang play.
T-Shirt Gatling Gun - The free fan promotion war has escalated. (Warning: site has repeating Flash video with sound that you can't seem to turn off or mute. Just an FYI for those that don't want to startle folks in the other cubicle with sounds of gunfire. Or maybe you do...?)

Shaq Attack:The Rise of Babies Named ‘Shaquille’ - I can't wait for all the Darkos to grow up and flash their upside potential.

10 Best Cities for Cheapskates - Maybe Howard Schultz could've ran the Sonics better in El Paso?

That's all for this week. I'll leave you with this:

Hey Jay, what type of diabetes do you have?