I Tried To Erase An Imaginary Curse by Walking With Goats And All I Got Was This Lousy Goat Curry

May 23, 2012 | Comments (0) | by Arcturus

There's a reason Cub fans are the laughingstock of baseball.  It's stunts like this that send other teams' fans into hysterics.  Look, it's great that they're raising money for cancer.  It's nice that they're getting some exercise.  The fact remains that these boobs are walking across the country because they believe that a man and his goat caused the 103 year old pennant drought on the North Side of Chicago.

Be it Bartman or the goat, I am so tired of Cub fans giving legitimacy to this crap.  Blowing up the Bartman ball, goat carcasses left on the Harry Carey statue, rain dances in the outfield; nothing will change the fact that the Cubs' only curse has been a procession of bad baseball teams peppered with some bad luck whenever we do actually get a team that's worth a shit.

Other franchises have gone through long stretches of mediocrity.  Look at Pittsburgh and Kansas City.  Are their fans blaming the fucking supernatural?  No.  Is the answer walking across the country with a farm animal?  Again no.  The Cubs' time is gonna come, provided the owners continue to make building a winning franchise a priority.  The worm will turn, folks.  The Red Sox broke their championship "curse" not by making absurd pilgrimages or by desecrating Babe Ruth's grave, but by making smart baseball decisions.  The Cubs can do the same.

In the meantime, please stop making it even more embarrassing to be a Cub fan.