Great White Hype

Is anyone else tired of seeing Landon Donovan's mug? I won't even post it here. USA vs. Czechoslovakia, strike that, Czech Republic, is on! Go 'Murkins! We'll try to keep you updated as the game progresses.


BrantBrown said…
5 minutes in and we're already down 1-0. BOOOOOOOOO.
Chip Wesley said…
Well its now 2-0 in favor of the kolach-eaters. Good news, it seems one of their better players Jan Koller has gone down with a hammy injury and could be done for the day.

Come on USA! Show us why more of us should really give a shit about this sport!
Chip Wesley said…
Wow, 3-0 huh? Looks like a Cubs score. Did the U.S. happen to have Neifi in the lineup?