Streaking Cubs

June 12, 2006 | Comments (0) | by T.R.

Well, if you can call three wins in a row a streak. At this point, we'll take anything. But we don't want to be another "woe is me", "seal the garage door with damp towels" kind of Cubs blog. There is hope. Poopholes is still out of the Cardinal lineup. The Astros are playing like ass. We've obviously shown this weekend that we bring the hammer and sickle down on the Reds. I mean seriously, Aaron Harang, Eric Milton, Bronson Arroyo? Trust in Brant Brown when he says that we have nothing to worry about. Prior will be back in less than two weeks. Lee is supposedly going to swing a bat on this homestand. Hell, we can afford to let Wood sit for the rest of the season. I'll take this Marmol kid at this point. You can't sink much lower, so one would assume that things will get better. I mean, Christ, Neifi hit his annual homerun yesterday. Who saw that coming?