TMS Vacation 2007

February 05, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

In the grand scheme of things, February is quite possibly the worst month of the year for sports, most notably the nearly two week gap between the Super Bowl and when catchers and pitchers report.

So with nothing really worth reporting about (except for maybe tennis, which if you want good tennis coverage you can go here), we here at the Saloon have decided to take a vacation.

When we say vacation, we're not really talking about an actual hiatus, but rather a break from writing about sports. So from now until February 15, in a move that will surely kill off any regular readership we've built, our posts will be, for the most part, entirely sports free. I have no idea what this vacation will all entail, except for Tommy Buzanis' pledge to wear his banana hammock for the duration while crooning his favorite Buffet tunes.

One last thing before this extended sports break kicks off. Art Monk being snubbed once again for the HOF is complete horseshit, especially since Michael 'Cokey McSnortfuck' Irvin got in.