2007 TMS Fantasy Baseball Player Rankings

February 01, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

For the Overall Top 150, go here.

I've played fantasy baseball for about 7 years now, and if there's one important thing I've learned, it's this: If you paid for a preseason fantasy cheat sheet or draft kit, you're a moron. So many sites out there put together these draft kit packages with rankings, projections, auction values, etc., and then sell it for around $15 to $20. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure the folks that do this spend a lot of time and hard work on them. But for the average fantasy manager, for every draft kit/cheat sheet/whatever you dropped your hard-earned cash on, there was probably something just as useful for you out there for the great low price of free.

So to further help the frugal fantasy manager, I have decided to publish my 2007 positional rankings for you to peruse this preseason. I will update this post as the rankings change, so be sure and bookmark it. I'll also create a sidebar link to it for easy access from the front page.

A couple notes:
  • Multi-positional players are ranked at every position they're most likely eligible at for your league. There may be some discrepancies based on different league formats. I hate it when you look at rankings and you see someone like Lance Berkman ranked amongst the 1B, but they don't bother ranking him at OF as well. Having said that, I realize there are several players that are eligible at certain positions on Yahoo that I do not have ranked. I may add them eventually, but for right now I'm going with what I've got.
  • I don't have an overall ranking list, and I do not plan on publishing one any time soon.
  • You can assume a basic 5x5 scoring system for these rankings. If your league is some wacky points league that's counting sacrifice hits during day games played on odd-number dates, or you have one of those iditotic leagues that is 12x12, you probably should be making your own rankings. If you just joined a public league for the first time and you have no idea what the hell 5x5 means, these rankings will work fine.
  • Feel free to post comments, giving your own thoughts. Don't be a dick though, and don't just post some crap like "Matsui is waaaay too low and Abreu is waaaay too high", without actually giving your input or reasoning as to why.
Last updated: 3/23/07 - Note: I've now expanded the lists to top 30 and 60 at the respective positions.

Mike Piazza has dipped a little in the catcher ranks in recent years. But this season he's seeing a little boost to his value. Slated as the main DH for Oakland, Piazza should produce pretty solid numbers without being hampered with catching duties. We just hope he gets the minimum amount of starts behind the plate, so we remains eligible here for 2008.

1. Joe Mauer, MIN
2. Brian McCann, ATL
3. Victor Martinez, CLE
4. Kenji Johjima, SEA
5. Ramon Hernandez, BAL
6. Mike Piazza, OAK
7. Jorge Posada, NYY
8. Ivan Rodriguez, DET
9. Michael Barrett, CHC
10. Russell Martin, LAD
11. A.J. Pierzynski, CHW
12. Jason Varitek, BOS
13. Paul Lo Duca, NYM
14. Johnny Estrada, MIL
15. Jason Kendall, OAK
16. Bengie Molina, SF
17. Gerald Laird, TEX
18. Miguel Olivo, FLA
19. Ronny Paulino, PIT
20. David Ross, CIN
Josh Bard, SD
Gregg Zaun, TOR
Chris Iannetta, COL
Mike Napoli, LAA
Rod Barajas, PHI
Dioner Navarro, TB
Miguel Montero, ARI
Yadier Molina, STL
Brian Schneider, WAS
Chris Snyder, ARI

While they don't have eligibility here, and may not even get it this season, I hate having a DH ranking separate from everything else. Most leagues don't have a set DH slot, and the utility/flex slot can be used for anyone, so essentially you would need rank all the batters together then. So instead I am ranking the sole DH players at the position they would most likely play.

1. Albert Pujols, STL
2. Ryan Howard, PHI
3. David Ortiz, BOS
4. Lance Berkman, HOU
5. Travis Hafner, CLE
6. Mark Teixeira, TEX
7. Justin Morneau, MIN
8. Derrek Lee, CHC
9. Paul Konerko, CHW
10. Jim Thome, CHW
11. Carlos Delgado, NYM
12. Prince Fielder, MIL
13. Richie Sexson, SEA
14. Jason Giambi, NYY
15. Victor Martinez, CLE
16. Nick Swisher, OAK
17. Todd Helton, COL
18. Adam LaRoche, PIT
19. Lyle Overbay, TOR
20. Adrian Gonzalez, SD
Frank Thomas, TOR
Howie Kendrick, LAA
Nomar Garciaparra, LAD
Conor Jackson, ARI
Nick Johnson, WAS
Kevin Youkilis, BOS
Mike Jacobs, FLA
Aubrey Huff, BAL
Ryan Shealy, KC
Shea Hillenbrand, LAA

I know what you're thinking, no Neifi? Blasphemy! Also I realize that Felipe Lopez doesn't currently have 2B eligibility, but sources I've read have Lopez starting at 2B for 2007 with Cristian (how the hell do I still have a job) Guzman is at SS for the Nats. Update: I have added Ryan Freel to the list.

1. Chase Utley, PHI
2. Brian Roberts, BAL
3. Robinson Cano, NYY
4. Felipe Lopez, WAS
5. Julio Lugo, BOS
6. Rickie Weeks, MIL
7. Dan Uggla, FLA
8. Josh Barfield, CLE
9. Tadahito Iguchi, CHW
10. Ian Kinsler, TEX
11. Jeff Kent, LAD
12. Brandon Phillips, CIN
13. Howie Kendrick, LAA
14. Ray Durham, SF
15. Freddy Sanchez, PIT
16. Ryan Freel, CIN
17. Orlando Hudson, ARI
18. Marcus Giles, SD
19. Jorge Cantu, TB
20. Luis Castillo, MIN
Jose Lopez, SEA
Chris Burke, HOU
Placido Polanco, DET
Mark DeRosa, CHC
Craig Biggio, HOU
Ty Wigginton, TB
Jose Castillo, PIT
Jose Vidro, SEA
Aaron Hill, TOR
Adam Kennedy, STL

Remember when third base was a cesspool for fantasy talent? You either drafted Rolen or Chipper right away, or else you were stuck with Joe frickin' Randa at the hot corner. Not the case any more. Hell, David Wright is an absolute stud and he's the third best option at his position. Also Alex Gordon looks to be the run away favorite for the preseason "young player every manager is freaking out about" award. If he is as good as he appears, how many years will it be before he's in Yankee pinstripes as A-Rod's replacement?

1. Alex Rodriguez, NYY
2. Miguel Cabrera, FLA
3. David Wright, NYM
4. Aramis Ramirez, CHC
5. Garrett Atkins, COL
6. Ryan Zimmerman, WAS
7. Chone Figgins, LAA
8. Scott Rolen, STL
9. Chipper Jones, ATL
10. Troy Glaus, TOR
11. Chad Tracy, ARI
12. Adrian Beltre, SEA
13. Eric Chavez, OAK
14. Mark Teahen, KC
15. Joe Crede, CHW
16. Melvin Mora, BAL
17. Edwin Encarnacion, CIN
18. Hank Blalock, TEX
19. Freddy Sanchez, PIT
20. Alex Gordon, KC
Morgan Ensberg, HOU
Aubrey Huff, BAL
Brandon Inge, DET
Akinori Iwamura, TB
Mike Lowell, BOS
B.J. Upton, TB
Rich Aurilia, SF
Kevin Kouzmanoff, SD
Pedro Feliz, SF
Shea Hillenbrand, LAA

Nothing shocking here really. You may notice that last year's preseason MVP favorite and ESPN mancrush Bobby Crosby doesn't even crack the Top 20 this year.

1. Jose Reyes, NYM
2. Derek Jeter, NYY
3. Jimmy Rollins, PHI
4. Hanley Ramirez, FLA
5. Miguel Tejada, BAL
6. Rafael Furcal, LAD
7. Michael Young, TEX
8. Carlos Guillen, DET
9. Bill Hall, MIL
10. Felipe Lopez, WAS
11. Julio Lugo, BOS
12. Edgar Renteria, ATL
13. Orlando Cabrera, LAA
14. Freddy Sanchez, PIT
15. Stephen Drew, ARI
16. Jhonny Peralta, CLE
17. Omar Vizquel, SF
18. Khalil Greene, SD
19. Troy Tulowitzki, COL
20. Rich Aurilia, CIN
Jason Bartlett, MIN
Yuniesky Betancourt, SEA
David Eckstein, STL
Aaron Hill, TOR
Bobby Crosby, OAK
Juan Uribe, CHW
J.J. Hardy, MIL
Alex Gonzalez, CIN
Jack Wilson, PIT
Nick Punto, MIN

A couple guys here aren't technically eligible at OF, yet. Bill Hall and Mark Teahen both are slated to play outfield this season. If that's the case, they should have OF eligibility within the first week or so. Hall may seem a little high, but his possible dual-eligibility at SS and OF bumps up his value a bit.

1. Alfonso Soriano, CHC
2. Carl Crawford, TB
3. Vladimir Guerrero, LAA
4. Carlos Beltran, NYM
5. Lance Berkman, HOU
6. Grady Sizemore, CLE
7. Matt Holliday, COL
8. Manny Ramirez, BOS
9. Jason Bay, PIT
10. Carlos Lee, CHW
11. Ichiro Suzuki, SEA
12. Vernon Wells, TOR
13. Bobby Abreu, NYY
14. Andruw Jones, ATL
15. Jermaine Dye, CHW
16. Johnny Damon, NYY
17. Chone Figgins, LAA
18. Adam Dunn, CIN
19. Juan Pierre, LAD
20. Hideki Matsui, NYY
21. Gary Sheffield, DET
22. Bill Hall, MIL
23. Torii Hunter, MIN
24. Delmon Young, TB
25. Alex Rios, TOR
26. Nick Swisher, OAK
27. Raul Ibanez, SEA
28. Magglio Ordonez, DET
29. Rocco Baldelli, TB
30. Jeff Francoeur, ATL
31. Michael Cuddyer, MIN
32. Mike Cameron, SD
33. Corey Patterson, BAL
34. J.D. Drew, BOS
35. Mark Teahen, KC
36. Coco Crisp, BOS
37. Willy Taveras, COL
38. Pat Burrell, PHI
39. Nick Markakis, BAL
40. Eric Byrnes, ARI
41. Barry Bonds, SF
42. Dave Roberts, SF
43. Josh Willingham, FLA
44. Gary Matthews Jr., LAA
45. Aubrey Huff, BAL
46. Ryan Freel, CIN
47. Brad Hawpe, COL
48. Carlos Quentin, ARI
49. Brian Giles, SD
50. Chris Young, ARI
Curtis Granderson, DET
Craig Monroe, DET
Jacque Jones, CHC
Austin Kearns, CIN
Ken Griffey Jr., CIN
Scott Podsednik, CHW
Aaron Rowand, PHI
Chris Duncan, STL
Moises Alou, NYM
David DeJesus, KC

Starting pitching is usually the most disputed position as far as fantasy rankings go. Everyone has their own personal opinion. Some highly rate the up and coming youngsters, while others like the proven record of a seasoned vet. I try to find the happy medium here.

1. Johan Santana, MIN
2. Chris Carpenter, STL
3. Roy Oswalt, HOU
4. Brandon Webb, ARI
5. Roy Halladay, TOR
6. Jake Peavy, SD
7. Carlos Zambrano, CHC
8. John Smoltz, ATL
9. C.C. Sabathia, CLE
10. John Lackey, LAA
11. Ben Sheets, MIL
12. Felix Hernandez, SEA
13. Jeremy Bonderman, DET
14. Aaron Harang, CIN
15. Daisuke Matsuzaka, BOS
16. Scott Kazmir, TB
17. Brett Myers, PHI
18. Dan Haren, OAK
19. Chris Young, SD
20. Curt Schilling, BOS
21. Jason Schmidt, LAD
22. Dontrelle Willis, FLA
23. Jered Weaver, LAA
24. Bronson Arroyo, CIN
25. Matt Cain, SF
26. Rich Harden, OAK
27. Mike Mussina, NYY
28. Erik Bedard, BAL
29. Cole Hamels, PHI
30. Barry Zito, SF
31. Justin Verlander, DET
32. Randy Johnson, ARI
33. Chris Capuano, MIL
34. Jonathan Papelbon, BOS
35. A.J. Burnett, TOR
36. Dave Bush, MIL
37. Andy Pettitte, NYY
38. Ervin Santana, LAA
39. Josh Beckett, BOS
40. Freddy Garcia, PHI
41. Derek Lowe, LAD
42. Kelvim Escobar, LAA
43. Rich Hill, CHC
44. Scott Olsen, FLA
45. Kevin Millwood, TEX
46. Javier Vazquez, CHW
47. Brad Penny, LAD
48. John Patterson, WAS
49. Ian Snell, PIT
50. Anibal Sanchez, FLA
Greg Maddux, SD
Chuck James, ATL
Josh Johnson, FLA
Chien-Ming Wang, NYY
Tim Hudson, ATL
Cliff Lee, CLE
Jose Contreras, CHW
Ted Lilly, CHC
Jon Garland, CHW
Adam Wainwright, STL

This is such a volatile position that keeping a decent ranking for it becomes tough. While the top 15-20 is remains fairly steady, the fringe guys are tough to gauge. Since they're not reflected in my rankings here's a quick note of closer situations around the league to keep in mind.

BOSTON - Looks like the Papelboner is in fact closing now.
TAMPA BAY - Seth McClung has looked like shit. Al Reyes or Chad Orvella could takeover.
CHICAGO (AL) - Bobby Jenks has been miserable this Spring. Keep Mike MacDougal on standby.
FLORIDA - Avoid this situation like the plague for now. Tankersley is not a decent option and probably shouldn't be ranked right now. Matt Lindstrom may become the Marlins closer.
CINCINNATI - The Stanton/Weathers combo is vomit-inducing. But the possible re-emergence of Dustin Hermanson is worth keeping an eye on.
PITTSBURGH - Torres appears to have the job for now, but if you're in a keeper league, consider grabbing Matt Capps.

1. Joe Nathan, MIN
2. Francisco Rodriguez, LAA
3. Mariano Rivera, NYY
4. B.J. Ryan, TOR
5. Billy Wagner, NYM
6. J.J. Putz, SEA
7. Huston Street, OAK
8. Trevor Hoffman, SD
9. Takashi Saito, LAD
10. Bobby Jenks, CHW
11. Chad Cordero, WAS
12. Francisco Cordero, MIL
13. Chris Ray, BAL
14. Tom Gordon, PHI
15. Brad Lidge. HOU
16. Brian Fuentes, COL
17. Eric Gagne, TEX
18. Bob Wickman, ATL
19. Jason Isringhausen, STL
20. Jose Valverde, ARI
Todd Jones, DET
Salomon Torres, PIT
Joel Zumaya, DET
Octavio Dotel, KC
Joe Borowski, CLE
Ryan Dempster, CHC
Scot Shields, LAA
Armando Benitez, SF
David Weathers, CIN
Taylor Tankersley, FLA