Cubs vs. Nationals 5/18/06

July 14, 2006 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

I've been meaning to post this for quite some time but just never got around to it. Back on May 18th I made my annual pilgrimage to Wrigley Field to see the Cubs versus the Nationals. Accompanying me was my friend and co-worker Mark. After the game we met up with Ben (Chaim Witz) for some beers at the Gingerman Tavern. Some highlights of this trip:
  • We got to Wrigleyville insanely early that day. Our game plan is usually as such. We drive from the Quad Cities to Aurora. From Aurora we take the Metra to Union Station and from there we'll connect to the El and head up the Red Line to Wrigley. This year we hauled ass on I-88 to Aurora and caught the 8:02 express. This led to us getting to Wrigley at 9:30.
  • Mark left his sunscreen in the van in Aurora so we had to stop at 7-11, or else risk him turning into a lobster again. Just an FYI, the 7-11 right there on Addison and Sheffield has a whole half aisle dedicated to sunscreen. The downside is that they prey on absent-minded pasty-skinned Midwesterners by ass-raping you on the price. At no point should sunscreen cost $8. That's almost two Old Style's inside the park.
  • The early arrival gave us a chance to break our old record for "Earliest Time to Start Drinking" of 10:30am. We walked into Bernie's and had our first beer at 9:55am. You know you've started too early when you order an Old Style and the can is still warm because it hasn't been in the cooler long enough yet.
  • We had great seats. Section 33, Row 7. This was the second time I've ever sat anywhere but the bleachers. I have to say its nice to have beer guys waiting on you for a change. One bummer was that it was raining before the game so BP was cancelled.
  • We sat next to these two guys from Kentucky that had never been to Wrigley before. The one had a crapload of money that he didn't mind spending, while his friend was kind of worthless bum, free loading off of him. They seemed pretty cool at first, but as the free loader kept drinking he went from being cool to hang with, to a complete douchebag. He become a "That Guy", the type that gets too drunk and feels the need to start talking shit to complete strangers. Nobody likes "That Guy". He also started asking everyone at Gingerman where he could score some weed. Overall he was a complete tool. His rich buddy seemed nice enough though and I'm pretty sure I didn't pay for any beer at Gingerman.
  • This game for those that remember was the infamous "Neifi 2-out in the ninth inning bunt" game. Everyone was into the game the entire time without any real negativity brewing. It was Kerry Wood's first game back so everyone was pumped about that. Then as the Cubs were looking to possibly come back, Neifi lays down that awful bunt with runners on 1st and 2nd. It was ridiculous. Half the crowd erupted in boos while the other half just stood there dumbfounded. Worst end to a Cubs game I've ever attended.

And now here are some pictures I took.....

It was good to see that Derrek Lee was alive and well at the time.

Nice shot of the Wrigley scoreboard.

Probably the last time I'll ever see Kerry pitch live in a Cubs uni.

This was written on the wall in the bathroom stall I took a dump in. Yeah, that's right, I crapped at Wrigley, and it ain't the first or the last time either. Anyway I just love when someone puts shit like "Sox Rule" and then someone follows up with a "like dick!" below it. That's like the ultimate comeback for retards that scribble shit on bathroom walls.

Thunder Matt Murton got on base not one, not two, but three different times.

Still the coolest bar near Wrigley.

I had one last shot left on my camera.