The Cubs Are What We Thought They Were! (slamming fist on imaginary podium)

October 19, 2006 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

I meant to post this picture at the end of the Cubs disastrous season because I felt that it captured the 'emptiness' of the Cubs' year. Yes, I know, that's some deep shit for our little mom and pop blog/website/veiled communist recruiting tool. Better post it now before we all start drinking the Piniella Kool-Aid.

Anyway, I'm off to fight Dennis Green in an alley. The only real rule we set is no firearms or testicle grabbling. Everything else, trash can lids included, is fair game. Kurt Warner will be the guest referee, though look for him to interfere in my favor approximately 30 seconds into the fight. Praise Jesus.