A Mile High Minute...Bye Week Edition

October 02, 2006 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

The Broncos were on their bye this week, so I'm able to devote this week's Mile High Minute to the league as a whole. Lucky you. I'll go team by team (not all 32 mind you, some aren't worth commenting on) and then a couple general thoughts.

Arizona - Leinart starts this week. Just like with Warner, McCown, Navarre, Blake, Plummer, Graham, Brown, Esiason, McMahon, Beuerlein, and Rosenbach before him it won't make one bit of difference.

Carolina - God I hate this team. They look just as shitty with Steve Smith as they do without him, but for some reason they win games when he plays. Just the type of bullshit that really pisses me off about the modern NFL.

Chicago - Someone check Grossman for roids.

Cleveland - Who is Charlie Frye and how did he get this job? Did the Browns put an ad on craigslist?

Green Bay - Favre looked bad tonight, but I have to admit I'm surprised to see he still has some gas in the tank. That said, the Packers were morons to bring him back. You either plan for the future or you don't. There's no in between.

Oakland - Hahahahahah!

Tampa Bay - If you told me a player had to have his spleen removed, my first guess would have been Chris Simms. I'm not sure why.

For those of us who enjoy Tony Kornheiser's sarcastic style, I think we're all happy to see he's acting more and more like himself with each passing week. The first Monday night game, I could barely hear him. Now he's jumping in and slapping down Theismann's idiocy with style.

Finally, it was mentioned before, but the Peyton Manning advertisements are really getting out of hand. Chaim's least favorite was the one with the fake moustache. Personally I'd have to go with the one where the "tough" Peyton explodes out of the football. Lots of players could pull that off, not Peyton. Also, I found the new ad where Peyton and Eli sodomize Ned Beatty disturbing. I think it may have been for diet Coke, but I'm not sure.