A Mile High Minute...Denny Green Meltdown Edition

October 18, 2006 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

So the Arizona Cardinals fell apart Monday night against the Bears...big shock. Well, to be fair, it was a pretty bad meltdown even by Cardinal standards. The Bears were down 23-3 with about a quarter to play, and somehow came back to win in spite of six Rex Grossman turnovers (welcome back to earth assclown) and no offense to speak of. Aside from kicker Neil Rackers, the Cardinals looked good in the game too - but they suffer from the Billy Bowtie Curse and are forever doomed.

After the game, Coach Denny Green took the podium and had his own meltdown to rival the one his Cardinals just completed on field. You can enjoy it in all its unbleeped glory at Youtube. This one may go down in the annals of great Coach/Manager meltdowns, which the good folks at The Arizona Republic are kind enough to give us a sample of. Yes, everyone's two favorites - Jim Mora's "PLAYOFFS?!?!?!?" and Lee Elia's rant against "those fucking fans who come out here and say they're Cub fans" - are chronicled there.

As for the Broncos, after whom this awesome column is named, they still have no offense. The defense continues to stifle all they encounter though and they're tied with San Diego for 1st place. Not much else to say here.