NBA: Jazz Dominating Again

November 18, 2006 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

You'll have to pardon me as I don my cap as Thunder Matt's rogue Utah Jazz correspondent. After two years in the wilderness of mediocrity following the departure of Stockton and Malone, the Utah Jazz are back on top of the NBA's Western Conference with a big time 8-1 record. Much of that has been accomplished without Andrei Kirilenko (AK-47), arguably their best player.

Even a franchise best 57 points from Milwaukee's Michael Redd couldn't stop the Jazz from rolling to their second best start in franchise history. Whats the difference this year? Simply put, Jerry Sloan once again has the solid bench he has lacked the previous two seasons. The starting five for Utah since Stockton and Malone left has been solid with Kirilenko and Boozer anchoring the team, but they lacked quality bench players that could go to late in the game.

They play Phoenix tonight with a chance to tie the best franchise start ever, 9-1 in 1999. One final note...since 1991, the LA Clippers are 1-29 at the Delta Center in Salt Lake. That stat was just too sweet to ignore.