Classic Managerial Meltdowns

March 31, 2007 | Comments (1) | by Governor X

Before I begin, I'm going to warn you right off the bat, there is a lot of cursing in this post. If you're some sort of religious prude who is offended by that or live or work with those folks, you should probably move on.

There really isn't anything quite like a classic baseball manager's meltdown. Bad umps, shitty teams, jerkoff fans - there are plenty of reasons for these guys to go balistic from time to time. And quite frankly, the more cursing in these rants the better, because much like Captain Yardley, I don't trust a man who doesn't curse. I've probably missed some good ones, and if I have, go ahead and email them to us and I'll do a follow up. Lets begin the rundown:

Lee Elia - A Disheartening Fucking Situation

In spite of my presence and my pro-Dodgers propaganda, this is ostensibly a Cubs blog, so to kick things off we have Lee Elia's classic from 1983. My co-authors could probably tell you more about what provoked this, but here's what I can gather: The team was bad and the few fans that bothered to show up for the day games were riding everyone's ass pretty hard. Elia snapped. Like most of the others, this is basically audio only, but the folks who put it on youtube added some odd and entertaining pictures behind it.

Earl Weaver - Terry Crowley's Lucky He's in Fucking Baseball

The first of two excellent Earl Weaver clips I found. Apparently he appeared on something called Manager's Corner while managing the Orioles. I guess he wasn't in the mood the day he recorded this. The fans questions are met with just a little bit of disdain.

Earl Weaver - You and Your Crew Were Put Here to Fuck Us

A three minute gem with the accompanying video of Earl Weaver going off on an umpire.

Tommy Lasorda - Kurt Bavacqua Couldn't Hit Water if He Fell Out of a Fucking Boat

My own personal lord and savior, Tommy Lasorda, delicately explaining if he ever had a pitcher throw at a guy intentionally, he'd throw at someone better than Kurt Bavacqua.

Tommy Lasorda - Put That in Your Fucking Paper

Tommy takes offense at a reporter questioning his enthusiasm. The best part is at the end when he tells TJ Simers from the LA Times what every Dodger fan has wanted to since that rag hired him.

Tommy Lasorda - Garvey Needed a Fucking Oar to Hit the Ball Tonight

A nearly six minute long collection of Tommy Lasorda gems, including the two above. Its worth listening to all the way through though to hear the last two bits about Garvey and Slim Fast farts.

Like I said, I probably left out some great ones. Let us know.


Stone @ 8:03 PM, February 19, 2010

Did you ever get anymore of these? These are amazing and well worth the time.