Ol' Sugartits is Back

March 23, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

Thank god. I was getting worried. It had been months since our last Mel Gibson Meltdown. Fear not, old Sugartits has returned.

If 2006's anti-Jew DUI rant was Chernobyl, Thursday was a mere Three Mile Island, but I'll take what I can get. While we can all draw our own conclusions about Mel's personal beliefs regarding the various peoples and religions of the world, one thing is for certain: The dude can't handle criticism.

While speaking about Apocalypto Thursday at Cal State Northridge, Gibson fell apart after being criticized for that film. When a professor accused him of using racial stereotypes in the film, Gibson exploded and told her to "fuck off". Then, as other Mayan supporters were heckling, Gibson yelled at them to make their own movie.

So thats the latest, but I think it would be beneficial to our loyal readers if we recant Mel's meltdowns over the years. Here you go:

#1 - 1956 - Mel's genes melt down causing him to be born with his kidneys fused together in a u-shape.

#2 - 1979 - Mel melts down after a biker gang avenging the death of their leader, The Nightrider, kill his wife and child.

#3 - 1984 - Mel gets loaded whilst filming The Bounty and is severely injured in a bar room brawl.

#4 - 1984 - A drunken Mel gets in a car accident in Canada and offers the guy he hit a drink after shouting profanities at him.

#5 - 1990 - Mel melts down and makes Bird on a Wire with Goldie Hawn.

#6 - 1990 - Determined to win a drunken bar bet, Mel makes Hamlet.

#7 - 1992 - When asked by a Spanish magazine whether he worries people will think he's gay because he is an actor, Mel melts down and goes on a rant against gays including the suggestion that one's asshole is for shit only.

#8 - 1995 - Mel melts down and makes a historically inaccurate film bashing the British.

#9 - 1995 - Suggests Bill Clinton and other Rhodes Scholars running for public office are part of a "New World Order" Marxist plot.

#10 - 2000 - Mel melts down and makes yet another historically inaccurate film bashing the British.

#11 - 2000 - While drunk, Mel agrees to star in What Women Want.

#12 - 2003 - Mel admits to The New Yorker that he hears voices.

#13 - 2004 - Mel melts down and builds his own church so he can attend mass in a language no one understands.

#14 - 2004 - Mel melts down and makes an anti-semitic snuff film in a language no one understands.

#15 - 2004 - Mel defends his father's repeated denials of the Holocaust.

#16 - 2004 - Mel buys a Japanese island, enraging the natives.

#17 - 2006 - Mel melts down on a California roadside, blaming the Jews for all the wars in the world, calling a female officer Sugartits, and claiming he owns Malibu.

#18 - 2006 - Mel melts down and makes a homo-erotic action picture in a language no one understands.

#19 - 2007 - Mel melts down at Cal State Northridge and tells a professor to fuck off for criticizing that homo-erotic action picture he made in a language no one understands.

For further Mel Gibson reading, I highly recommend "Mel Gibson's Guide to the Good Life".