50 States/50 Bands: Alabama - Georgia

November 14, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

Suffering from insomnia one night, a vision came to me. It was, of course, not particularly useful. It was a vision of me recommending a musical act from each of the 50 states. More motivated than I have been in years, I sat down and hammered it out. Eons came and went. Civilizations rose and fell. Now I'm ready to share my baby with the world in five easy to digest posts. Naturally, the list reflects my own personal biases, so bring on the arguments. In some cases, there was no band or artist I liked from a particular state, and you can generally tell which ones those are.

Those download recommendations with an * can be heard on TMS Radio - so tune in and have a go.

Alabama - Alabama - Go figure eh? Three decades of harmonized country pop even your grandmother can love.

Download - Reckless*

Alaska - Jewel - Folk pop princess who once proudly lived in a car. She’s pretty much done at this point because the average Joe was too dumb to realize her 2004 CD “0304” was ironic and not an attempt to sell out. Morons.

Download - This Way*

Arizona - Jimmy Eat World - While there isn’t much “Arizona” in their sound, these guys are great. Their music takes me back to a time when I wasn’t such a bitter asshole.

Download - If You Don’t, Don’t*

Arkansas - Johnny Cash - You may not know it, but the Man in Black hailed from Arkansas. No blurb can suffice here, but he survived decades of cocaine, booze, prison concerts, and ultimately a rebirth thanks to Rick Rubin.

Download - The Man Comes Around*

California - Red Hot Chili Peppers - This is a given since they released a CD called Californication a few years ago and half their songs mention the state in some way. Now that they’ve finally given up on the rock/rap thing, they’re putting out the best music of their career.

Download - Otherside*

Colorado - John Denver - The late John Denver could have gone here or under West Virginia. He gets put here because Colorado hasn’t turned out any other famous musicians - and he adopted the last name of Denver for christ’s sake. Beyond that, when I hear "Rocky Mountain High", I don't think about West Virginia.

Download - Take Me Home, Country Road*

Connecticut - Liz Phair - What can I say? Connecticut sucks.

Download - Supernova

Delaware - George Thorogood & the Destroyers - Thorogood will one day burn in hell for releasing “Bad to the Bone” on the world.

Download - Cocaine Blues

Florida - Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers - Bored with dominating the Southern rock scene, in 1997 Petty appeared in The Postman and currently has a recurring role on King of the Hill. What the Heartbreakers are up to today? Who the hell knows…

Download - Runnin’ Down a Dream*

Georgia - R.E.M. - College rock band and their reclusive lead singer with dubious sexuality makes big. My favorite band, R.E.M. taken their 80s roots (country rock) and 90s style (glam rock) and created a hybrid. Get off your ass and go buy their last CD, Around the Sun. You won’t be disappointed.

Download - Leave*