A Mile High Minute/Sun Devil Second: Week 9

November 06, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

Ugly, ugly weekend - I'll just phone this one in.

Detroit 44 Denver 7

Time to stick a fork in the Broncos and your head in the oven. Losing to Detroit is bad enough, but getting the living shit kicked out of you is a new level of humiliation all its own. To top it off, Denver had to go with Patrick Ramsey after a Cutler injury.

I'm at an absolute loss here. I don't know what to say other than Jim Bates (defensive coordinator) should probably start packing his bags.

Rock. Bottom.

Tampa Bay 17 Arizona 10

One stat can sum this up: Arizona's leading rusher was Edgerrin James...with 15 yards.

RoboKurt can't do it all himself people.

Sadly, as bad as both Arizona and Denver played this weekend, they're only one game out of first in their divisions.

Thoughts From Around the League

Mongoloid Manning and Skeletor go down, as I predicted, but no thanks to the refs. How many BS pass interference calls can they make in one game? They tried to hand this one to Indy, but no such luck. With everything going wrong, New England still won. I'm probably most happy to see the return of "Peyton Manning face" - its been far too long.

and now for something completely different...