TMS Gold Glove Awards

November 07, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

The 2007 Gold Glove Awards were given out, and looking at the list of winners, two words come to mind.

Horse and shit.

I mean come on. I love Derrek Lee as much as the next guy, but he wasn't nearly as sharp defensively as he's been in past years, not to mention Todd Helton was much more deserving of the award this year. I started perusing the list and there was very little I agreed with. So to honor those that got the shaft (and some that didn't) I give you the TMS Gold Glove Award winners.

C - Russell Martin LAD
1B - Todd Helton COL
2B - Chase Utley PHI
3B - Pedro Feliz SF
SS - Troy Tulowitzki COL
LF - Eric Byrnes ARI
CF - Carlos Beltran NYM
RF - Austin Kearns WAS
P - Greg Maddux SD

C - Kenji Johjima SEA
1B - Kevin Youkilis BOS
2B - Mark Ellis OAK
3B - Melvin Mora BAL
SS - Orlando Cabrera LAA
LF - Carl Crawford TB
CF - Coco Crisp BOS
RF - Delmon Young TB
P - Fausto Carmona CLE

Commence arguing....