Ha Ha, Look at You!

November 06, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

A quick run through of the teams that roundly deserve us all to point and laugh at them.

Baltimore Ravens - Look I know that the corpse of Steve McNair isn't nearly as productive as the living Steve McNair was back in Tennessee, and I know that the Baltimore defense is getting older and has lost a step or two, but last night was ridiculous. Big Ben made you guys look absolutely stupid, tossing 5 TD passes in the first half, and I enjoyed every second of it. Every time they showed Brian Billick's face on TV, I couldn't help but think about Kornheiser constantly referring to Billick as a "preening shmo" on his radio show.

Michigan State Basketball - Sure it was only an exhibition game, but come on. You guys are ranked #8 in the polls and you drop one to Division II Grand Valley State? Everyone can point and laugh at them as they get dressed in the weight room and hallway, as Coach Izzo has kicked them out of their own locker room.

Nebraska Cornhuskers - The Cornhuskers to me, are the Green Bay Packers of college football. I hate their fans more than I hate the team. So to see the Kansas Jayhawks drop 76 on them is quite possibly the greatest thing ever. Bill Callahan's days as coach are definitely numbered. Rumor has it he's getting out of the coaching game and going back to work for his brother at the family's brake pad factory.

Speaking of Kansas, what the hell is going on with the bizarro college football season? Kansas is good, Kentucky is good, UConn is good. Did someone forget to remind them they are basketball schools?