The Gist: Let's Play Two

August 13, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

Cubs win 10-2 by the light of day, and 8-0 by the cover of night.

The Braves are pretty horrible. That's something we haven't been able to say with confidence since Dale Murphy was an MVP candidate. In years past, it seems like Bobby Cox (Underrated) would be able to coax division championships out of even the most ramshackle squads. That ship has sailed. The Braves suck.

But we'll take it won't we? Seems like we didn't even have to try very hard today. I listened to the first game on the radio, with Dave Otto filling in for Ron Santo. What a catastrophe that was. Someone please wake me from my coma when it's over. Dave Otto makes the music of Yanni seem audibly palatable.

Other than that, everything was copacetic. Kerry Wood pitched in game two without a back brace and his index finger didn't burst into flames, so that was pretty sweet. Jim Edmonds continued to earn our begrudging respect with another jack. (All he does is hit home runs!) Even Daryle Ward got into a game.

Tomorrow Theo Lilly takes the mound vs. Tom Glavine, who I had down in my notes as dying in a rather grisly parachuting accident. Guess not. Let's make easy work of the old codger and leave Hotlanta with a sweep.