Wrigley Roundtable

August 06, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Rich Funk

Once again it's time for our weekly segment in which we debate a selected matter of interest. The topics could range from the Cubs to baseball or other sports, to movies and music. Our panel of bartenders will weigh in, and we invite any of our readers to offer their two cents as well. So grab a beer and a handful of stale popcorn and tell us what you think.

Today's Topic: Who Is Your Least Favorite Cub Of All Time?

Scott Eyre? Gone. Fantastic. We can only hope that Bob Howry follows him out the door.

Seriously, watching Howry come in over the last few games has reminded me of what it was like to watch such fantastic Cub relievers of the past, like LaTroy Hawkins and Antonio Alfonseca, guys who when you saw them come in, your balls (or respective genitals) would tighten and you're prepare yourself for a terrible adventure.

But why stop there? Any Corey Patterson haters out there? How many of you have any fond memories of Hee-Sop Choi? Childhood memories of multiple Mark Bellhorn strikeouts in every game still keep you up at night?

Who's your least favorite Cub of the past or present? I'd have to say that mine's a tie between Jeff Blauser and Todd Hundley. Blauser always bothered me for no reason whatsoever, the same way I feel about Jeff Kent. And Hundley was just a dick. If you flip off the Cubs crowd after a homerun, you're a douchebag for life. Asshole.