Thunderfist According to The Hundley

August 05, 2008 | Comments (0) | by The Hundley

I suppose I'll chime in first since I was the odd man at Thunderfist. You see, I was the only bartender invited to come to Thunderfist - as long as I didn't go to the game. Okay, not really. I purchased a ticket to Lollapalooza before the Thunderfist seed had even been planted. So my recap will be sparse, as most of time in Chicago that weekend was spent rocking the fuck out, doing bumps of street grade coke, and doing a Wayne's World Chris Farley impression backstage.

I arrived into town Thursday evening to pick up Brant Brown from the airport. Odd, as I had never met Brant. Would he have an overpowering body smell? Would he be That Guy that gets into someone else's vehicle and fidgets with the radio and temperature controls? What if he tried to give me a handjob? Would I tell him to stop, or tell him to wait until I pulled over? Thankfully, none of these things came to fruition and it was not an awkward ride.

Brant and I drove downtown to meet up with Chaim at a Cuban restaurant. We arrived early and ordered some libations and spoke of all things Cubs, European and Asian travel, and beer preference. Finally Chaim and a mystery guest (who wasn't his wife! DUM DUM DUMMM!!) arrived and we sat down to eat. Chaim is some sort of a mobster or connected guy, because he had all sorts of comp'd legal tender, and all the (male) wait staff called him "Sugar". It was a truly delicious and decadent meal, and my respect for Chaim soared. From there, I dropped off Brant at Chaim's lair and tried to find a parking spot for an hour. Pissed, I just went home.

I missed all of Friday's AM stuff, and met the TMS Barkeeps at the Official Party Site of Thunderfist - Baby Atlas. Again, Chaim seemed to know someone or had compromising pictures of them. There was no cover charge, and there was free booze. Always a day late and a buck short, I arrived just as the free booze was shut off. Nice. I was pretty intoxicated, but here's what I recall:

- I saw Chaim as I arrived. He was decked out in a light blue "Old Money" Cuban-style shirt, slumping in the corner, obviously drunk. When I greeted him with a Thunderfist Salute, he warned me that some of the other TMS bartenders were pretty drunk. Riiight, Chaim.

- Finally met Daft Funk and Gray Davis. Daft was the life of the place. Mingling like the So-Cal socialite that he is, we had some great conversations and he worked "j/o" into more than a few yarns. Gray Davis though, I shook his hand and he left. I thought it was me until I heard it had something to do about getting back to the hotel and j/o'ing. Yo, that's what I heard.

- Brant and Dave Thomas were handling themselves well. As is well known in The Saloon, Dave Thomas is a cybernetic organism that can outdrink Andre The Giant tenfold.

- Curiously absent was Chip Wesley. I was told he was removed for obnoxious behavior. Oh, Chip! Say it ain't so!

- The bartender at Baby Atlas was a Grade A douche. If you like bartenders that announce the next song to be played on an iPod, and give you a rundown on them, then head to Baby Atlas. Dude also danced around while he poured drinks. G-A-Y.

That was all I saw of them and that was my Thunderfist Experience. Sorry to bore you with that one, I'm sure the rest of the staff will have much better stories. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to think back at how awesome Rage Against The Machine was, and maybe j/o. Love ya! BFF LOL!!!