THUNDERFIST 2008 RECAP: Quick And Dirty (Like Your Mother)

August 04, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Rich Funk

"One Of The Many Stops At Thunderfist"

What a fantastic weekend we just had. Many thanks to Lingering Bursitis for taking over the Saloon and making us all remember that while we may know the English language, most of us don't understand the "English language".

But now that Thunderfist 2008 is over, things are going back to normal here at TMS, or as close to "normal" as any of us can really claim to be.

I take it you all want details, right? Surely something as breathtaking and groundbreaking as Thunderfist cannot be contained in one post. So keep checking back over the next few days/weeks and our recaps will be up to explain all the gory details.

So if I'm not spilling the beans on 'Fist 2008, why the post? Glad you asked. When something goes as well as Thunderfist did, a lot of things contribute to it, so I'd like to take a moment and hand out a few "Thank you's".
  • Special thanks to all of the TMS fans that came out after the game to party like rock stars, as the kids would say today. We're sorry we didn't get to meet the hundreds of you that showed up before we were kicked out due to going over building capacity, but I did hear that Chaim did give out many a sexual favor in the bathroom before the evening was up.*
  • Thanks to Ted Lilly for hopping behind the bar at Gingerman's and doling out shots to all the single women in the bar.*
  • A big gracias to the Cubs for winning the game and playing much better than the dreadful Friday game that may have been the most boring game of all time.
  • Thanks to the entire cast and crew of Delta Force, as well as Jackie Treehorn.
  • Thanks to Rick Coleman.
Confused? You won't be once we unleash the full force of Thunderfist recaps. Trust me.

I'd like to give a special thank you to the guy in this picture:

*May not have actually happened.