Oh Ichiro, You're Silly

March 13, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

Last year, inspired by Ichiro's dapper appearance and infectious giggle at the All-Star game, I did a short write up on Ichiro's top 3 quotes.* Folks, the man is a modern day Ricky Henderson. Not so much on the field (though they are/were both pretty good), but in regards to giving dick-punching soundbites.

Ichiro continued his verbal assault on the American media today. This time it was in regards to picking up his first hit after his much ballyhooed 0 for 21 start to Spring Training.
"I'm not sure what my next challenge is but for today, my feeling is sad, sad to
say goodbye," he said. "Part of me is sad that it couldn't have gone on a little
longer. But part of me realizes I have to show some results. I was
planning to keep the ball and send it to Cooperstown but I couldn't get the ball
back and make it a reality."
*It wasn't so much a writeup as it was me cutting and pasting shit from the Mothership. Kind of like this post.