TMS Voted 'Best Blog of All-Time'

March 26, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

Or something like that. But seriously, we'll take any props we can get, including this mention from Cubs beat writer Paul Sullivan.* Did we mention that Paul is one of the greatest sports writers of our, nay, any generation?

(Thinking of something 'esoteric' to say)

Tommy Buzanis unironically claims that the movie 'Roadhouse' is his "AFI Top 1 of All-Time".

*Chip added the cool logo** on the right hand side of the site. First time I've received an award since I won 8th grade Football MVP in junior high. Even though there were only three other 8th graders on the team and I'm pretty sure that only one of those guys ever played and he had a learning disability. But that's neither here nor there. Point being, I still proudly display that plaque.

**The Sullivan Approves graphic was designed by PenFoe over at Hire Jim Essian.