Steve Finley Was Here

March 19, 2008 | Comments (0) | by Brant Brown

We at TMS have a lot to learn about promoting our site. We're reluctant to sell advertisements and pretend to have standards (not in the case of Rocco Baldelli though). Anyway, our only form of promotion is self promotion. We would like to draw your attention to a new sister-site of TMS called Steve Finley Was Here. You can locate it at, or just hit the hyperlink. You can call it SFWH for short, but that may be nearly as cumbersome as typing out the whole name.

Steve Finley Was Here is intended to focus on West Coast baseball (Seattle is neglected for obvious reasons). The focus will be on the California teams, and the identity crisis that us Californian Cub fans go through. Look for some hard-hitting analysis of the Angels, Dodgers, Padres, A's and Giants, along with a healthy dose of criticism and sarcasm. At SFWH, you'll find a few of the regular bartenders contributing, along with a new bartender, and hopefully one or two additions in the future. It's still in the developmental stages, and will be tweaked as needed. We're hurriedly trying to get Haloscan up and running so Hossrex can sully the site with his comments.

Please enjoy the site, and check it as often as you check TMS for updated posts.