About Damn Time...

September 19, 2006 | Comments (1) | by Governor X

The Dodgers were about to lose to the god damned Padres for the 14th time this year when they suddenly realized this was bullshit. Something inside them said, "Hey, we're the better team. These guys from San Diego have Dave Roberts starting in left field for christ's sake, and Mike Piazza isn't getting any younger (or straighter)."

Responding to the voice of reason inside their head, down 9-5 in the ninth, Kent, Drew, Martin, and Marlon Anderson hit four consecutive home runs to tie the game. This was the fourth time in MLB history this has occurred and the first since the 1964 Minnesota Twins did it. Making it even sweeter was the fact that this was the first time in 24 chances that Trevor Hoffman blew a save against LA...and he took no time doing so.

On to the 10th, where just to make it interesting Aaron Sele gave up the go ahead run. To lose the game after that 9th inning probably would have crushed their soul and guaranteed they spend October playing golf. Not gonna happen. Kenny Lofton walked to start the inning, and then indicted War Criminal Nomar Garciaparra came up to the plate...

A few minutes later, the pitch Rudy Seanez had thrown landed somewhere near Palmdale and the Dodgers were celebrating an absolutely insane comeback. The fans gave a standing ovation worthy of a playoff win.

Hopefully this will be the needed spark for LA and the necessary nail in the Padres' coffin. Having Geoff Blum on the roster alone should keep San Diego home for the playoffs. LA has the hapless Pirates, who are now suffering from full blown Tracyball, coming to town and San Diego has to play Arizona and St. Louis. For now, everything is in its right place...


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