Bartender Banter: Thunder Lips and Hurricanes

September 08, 2006 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

I really have nothing of consequence to discuss today, but to keep our content fresh, I'll offer up a quick throwaway post to forget about 5 minutes later as you prepare for the weekend.

NFL Kicks Off on NBC
Well the season officially got underway last night with the Steelers beating the Dolphins 28-17. I caught bits and pieces while flipping channels. Two things I learned from the bits that I saw.
  • Nick Saban should probably throw the red flag with a little more urgency next time.
  • Wesley Welker is without a doubt the starting return specialist for the Reggie Cleveland All-Stars.
Thunder Matt on Urban Dictionary
Just like we've left our mark in Wikipedia, getting the "Thunder Matt" nickname out there to the masses, we've now added it to the lexicon of Urban Dictionary. So from hereon, Thunder Matt will be forever wedged between Thunder Lips, and thunder monkey.

Speaking of Thunder Lips, does anyone watch Hogan Knows Best? I caught an episode the other night, where Hulk's son got in the ring with John Cena and the Big Show for fun and began to consider following in his father's footsteps. There's no way this would work out well. At best, Hulk's kid would be like the Jakob Dylan of the WWE. He may gain some fame at first, but eventually would fade out of the spotlight, never coming close to his father's legacy.

TMS Fantasy Hurricane League Update
OK so I've slacked off a bit on keeping this updated but it doesn't mean we've forgotten about it. So far here's the official scores for the storms to date.
  • Beryl - 55 points
  • Chris - 10 Points
  • Debby - 5 Points
  • Ernesto - 105 Points
  • Florence - TBD
So based on that here is the current standings.
  1. Chaim Witz - 105
  2. Chip Wesley - 60
  3. GovGrayDavis- 10
  4. BrantBrown - 0
  5. Chi-Town Girl - 0

Oh and the reason why this hurricane season has been so mild compared to the original forecasts/expectations is because of our old buddy, El Nino.