R.I.P. Crocodile Hunter

September 04, 2006 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

Steve Irwin, the beloved Crocodile Hunter, is dead...killed by a god damned stingray. Normally when celebrities die, its a big ho hum, but Irwin is a tragic loss to the legions of nerds like myself who have been addicted to wildlife shows since we were young. He did what we would do, if we had balls or a thick australian accent.

A stingray is a pretty shitty way to die for a guy that wrestled crocodiles and captured poisonous snakes with his bare hands. Not more than three weeks ago I was petting them at the Aquarium of the Pacific. They're soft, playful, and generally harmless. In fact, Irwin was only the 2nd person EVER killed by one in Australia.