Out of pitchers, Cubs start ER's Eriq LaSalle tonight

September 20, 2006 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Sweet, I loved him as Dr. Benton, and let's not forget his stellar performance as the Soul Glo guy in Coming to America. Man this so cool, I didn't even know he could pitch......what? Les Wal-rond? Who the hell is that? The Cubs are throwing yet another wild young kid out there I see.......he's what? He's almost 30?! Jebus!

It's been over a week since anyone here has even muttered about the Cubs. In that time not a whole lot has happened.
  • The Cubs still suck.
  • It took a blood clot in his lung to shelve Glendon Rusch, instead of a incompetent management staff that should have waived him long ago.
  • Thunder Matt and The Riot are still hitting well.
  • Freddie Bynum made us pine for the days of Todd Walker's amazing defensive prowess.
  • Like Death from GROTA said, I like Angel Pagan and enjoy watching him play....off the bench.
  • Carlos Zambrano is the only Cubs pitcher that has enough innings to qualify for the MLB ERA leaders list. Next on the list is Sean Marshall who's 30-some odd innings short.
  • The Cubs have used 14 different starting pitchers this season. In 2005 they used 11. In 2004 it was only 7.
  • Chicago has the third worst record in the majors currently. I can't wait for us to blow another top draft pick on a pitcher.
Hey, at least we have the Bears this fall. Although I think I may be the only one here at the Saloon that follows them or even gives a shit about the NFL.

Seriously, Les Walrond? Next are they going to bring back Ruben Quevedo? Not sure where that dude is, but my guess is that wherever Ruben is chilling it's probably "All You Can Eat".