The $126 Million Dollar Man

April 09, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Governor X

What does a guy making $126 million look like after giving up 8 runs to the Dodgers on Sunday? Something like this:

LA swept the Giants, which is sweet, in their park, which is extra sweet, and have won 8 in a row overall in the House the Kevin Elster Built.

My early thoughts on the Dodgers? Its time to take Luis Gonzalez out back behind the shed and put him down. When Barry Bonds is running on you because your D is so bad, its time to hang it up. Also, memo to Grady Little: Quit fucking around with Andre Ethier's head. The kid hit .308 last year and you're jerking him in and out of the lineup. Kemp in left, Pierre in center, and Ethier in right - thats what god intended.

As for the arch rival Giants, they look BAD. They had 12 hits on Friday and only mustered one run because Gonzo dropped a routine fly ball. There isn't a scary hitter in their lineup anymore, including Barry*. Whats he going to do, solo-HR you to death? Unlikely. It would take 9 solo homers to compensate for all the runs Barry Zito is giving up right now.