Chaiming In

April 09, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

  • It was a solid, if unspectacular series versus the Brew Crew up in Milwaukee. I'm encouraged by the way our team is hitting early on. Usually the Cubs bats stay as cool as Jack Nicholson at the Golden Globes and don't come out of hibernation until around the time when old people without AC start dying of heat stroke. Other than Alfie, they seem to be hitting the ball fairly well. Unlike years past, if the Cubs are trailing past the 7th inning, I probably won't find myself giving up hope quite as fast. Those 'King of Queens' reruns may have to just wait.
  • I was talking with a guy from Milwaukee by way of California. He was saying how he missed the coast and the differences between when he would go out in California as opposed to going out in Milwaukee. In California, everybody was kind of chill and laid back, but in Milwaukee people just get shitfaced, lose their minds, punch things, dance uncontrollably and are totally unaccountable for their actions. He referred to it as being 'Milwaukee drunk'. Let this enter the lexicon of terms used here at TMS.
  • Was I the only one who knew Zach Johnson would win The Masters. Wait, Zach who? According to Wikipedia (inside joke!) he's from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Finally a celebrity from my home state I can be proud of. The other Iowa celebrity I refer to is, of course, my father Tom Arnold.
  • Hopefully sooner rather than later I'll muster the willpower to post a couple of exciting and potentially arousing columns. On the horizon is an all new Realm of Red, a 'Who Is Tommy Buzanis?' profile and an intoxicating new column I will debut that profiles Wrigleyville bars. Bad pun intended, yes. I plan on doing lots of research for this column. And by research, I mean getting 'Milwaukee drunk'.

Milwaukee Drunk