A Tale of Two Ballgames

April 13, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

How fitting this game happened on Friday the 13th. What looked to be an easy cruise to victory after four solid innings, highlighted by a double and homer from Chaz Zambrano, everything went to crap in the 5th. After giving up 4 runs and plunking Edwin Encarnacion, ol' Chaz was pulled for Will Ohman (or should it be Omen?), who with the bases loaded proceeded to walk the tying run in, as well as the go-ahead run. Oh, and do I mention what number Ohman currently wears?

Then in comes Michael Wuertz and mows down three straight batters to get them out of the mess. Does Wuertz have a nickname yet? If not, I'd like to suggest "The Wolf" or "Winston Wuertz", because as he showed today, he 'solves problems'.

With the Reds now up 6-5, the Cubs bullpen did a great job of shutting Cincy down for the rest of the game, but unfortunately it was all for naught.

I was just watching the post-game and I think we can safely say that Uncle Lou has his first real outburst. "I'm starting to see how this club is losing ball games," said Lou, showing obvious frustration after Zambrano's fifth meltdown, blowing a 5-0 lead.

I wouldn't say it was a total meltdown as he answered a handful of questions fairly calmly, but he was clearly irked by one of the reporters as every angry response seemed to be directed at the same guy asking Lou what he thought should be done to correct the problem.

No Thunder Matt, but Corny Floyd hit well today so I can't really bitch too much. Also The Riot looked great hitting in the 2 hole, filling in for ARam-Ram.

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