Play Ball!

April 02, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

Ah Opening Day. In the days when I wasn't burdened with 'responsibilities', this was essentially a national holiday, ripe for throwing caution to the wind, taking off work and drinking alcohol at noon on a Monday in my boxers. (Which to be fair, I still do partake in the latter quite regularly).

Instead, I must be content in my cubicle, with the dulcet tones of Ron and Pat making their way from my Sanyo boombox to my virgin ears. What a sweet sound. That along with MLB gamecast should get me my fix, although the fact that I am still in my boxers has led to many an awkward moment today with my superiors (and for that matter, the college interns).

Oh, in another small bit of news, the Tribune Company was sold. What does that mean? Well the Cubs are looking for a buyer. I'm thinking a TMS fundraiser is in the cards. More on this subject later, although Rick Morrisey has a few ideas right now.

Long live the memory of Tuffy Rhodes.