Move Over Capuano

April 11, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

There appears to be a new Chris in town that is baffling the Cubs offense. Chris Sampson went out yesterday and blanked Chicago over 5 innings, allowing only 3 hits. While Sampson's MLB resume is incredibly short at this point, he's had success with the Cubs in the past. I doubt anyone remembers this gem from last season, where Sampson threw 7 shutout innings. That game also was one of a handful of quality starts from Sean Marshall squandered by an anemic offense. Seriously folks. This is Chris Sampson, not the second coming of Jesus. Couple yesterday's sad hitting display with the "Cesar the Clown Juggling Hour" and the ever popular "GiDP Rally", and we have the most depressing game so far this season.

Hopefully things will be looking up today, as the Cubs face Wandy Rodriguez, and in case there's any questions about today's lineup I'll offer this simple equation.
Wandy Rodriguez = Lefty = Start Thunder Matt!
Wandy is one of only two pitchers Murton has taken yard multiple times. If Uncle Lou doesn't start him today, then we know for sure that Thunder Matt must not be on his good list right now.

Of course today's forecast calls for rain mixed with snow and possibly locusts (this weather f'n blows), so who knows if we'll even get an official game in today.