Bartender Banter: Baseball in the AM

April 05, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

11:30 start today. That's always fun. Well Ted Lilly showed us that he was worth the money (at least for one start). Now we get to see how Jason Marquis will fare. My expectations are pretty low for him. Remember that an ERA below 6.00 this season would be consider an improvement. Last year Marquis faced Cincinnati only once, and lasted for only 2.2 innings, giving up 9 hits, 1 walk and 4 runs. Yeesh. Also Eric Milton Kyle Lohse, I'm getting the Thunder Matt HR trophy ready, just in case.

The Winds are Blowing
Well with the latest reports that the 2007 hurricane season is expected to be a busy one, rest assure that we'll be doing the Fantasy Hurricane League again this season. For those not familiar, check out these posts regarding last year's season. Last year El Nino ruined what promised to be a good season. I have higher hopes this year. Come on global warming, don't fail me now! Expect the draft results sometime in the coming weeks.

Check out the Newbies
It's been almost a year since our humble blog got it's start and it seems like yesterday we were pumping out our nonsensical posts with nary a reader who cared. Now, thanks to tireless networking with several other great blogs out there, we've developed a following that I can only estimate numbers in the 20's at this point. How far we've come (cue Mary Tyler Moore theme song).

Anyway, now that we've got what some could possibly conceive as a genuine readership, I thought I'd help out some of the newer Cub blogs, who were much like us in our early days, just trying to get our voice heard (and by voice, I mean Ronald McDonald's drunken ramblings of course). So here's a quick plug for a few of the new guys out there.

Fire Lou Piniella!/Hire Jim Essian! - From the folks that brought you Fire Dusty Baker!, comes Fire Lou Piniella! and Hire Jim Essian! Don't be confused by the other Fire Dusty/Lou sites out there. This is the one that matters. It appears since they couldn't get a decent domain registered for Hire Lou that they'll be writing at Hire Jim mainly now. Be sure to check out their Bottom 126.

A Hundred Next Years - An aptly titled blog, with the Cubs approaching a century of no World Series ring. This site features thoughts and opinions from a lifelong Cub fan.

Lollygaggers - The most recent addition to the Cubs Blog Army, the guy known as Clute is one of the few that could be considered a regular customer of the Saloon and one of the first to regularly refer to Murton as 'Thunder Matt' on his site. Lollygaggers is one of only two blogs out there I know of that reference Bull Durham in their name.

Lost In the Ivy - Part of the Sweet Home Sports site, Lost In the Ivy provides some funny takes on the Cubs travails.

Wrigleyville23 - Despite only being up since November, Wrigleyville has already put up almost twice as many posts as we have here at TMS. Needless to say, you can expect new content up frequently.

Raise the W Flag - And lastly we bring you the newest of the new. Raise the W got of to their humble beginning just last month. I actually found them by doing a "Thunder Matt" search on Technorati. Anyone using the Thunder Matt nickname is always a friend in our book.

So if you have some time, be sure to give them all a read.

Pulling a Buzanis
We have a new term for you to add to your daily lexicon, and that term is "Pulling a Buzanis". Named for our incredibly aloof bartender Tommy Buzanis, who on several occasions has promised to write his first article for TMS over a weekend, only to disappoint us with his failure to come through on his word.

Just like your uncle that promised to take you to Chuck E. Cheese but instead got drunk, and wound up at the dog track instead. Or your buddy drinking half your pitcher of beer and then claiming "I'll get the next one," only to ditch out 5 minutes later. Or Axl Rose's periodic claims that Chinese Democracy is coming out soon, pulling a Buzanis can be a great disappointment for many. Hell it's even garnered it's very own t-shirt at the TMS store.

Yet as I write this, I am reminded that I'm pulling a Buzanis myself, by repeatedly saying that a "Steve Alford: War Criminal" column is coming soon, yet I haven't delivered. Honestly I wanted to have it done by now, but the baseball previews took more time than I thought they would. That and with Alford's move to New Mexico, the whole piece seemed to lose some of it's urgency. Anyway, I expect to have the column up......uh......soon.