Colin Cowherd's "Big Announcement"

April 04, 2007 | Comments (0) | by Brant Brown

Many of you ESPN Radio listeners will surely not be sleeping tonight in anticipation of the "Big Announcement" on Colin Cowherd's show tomorrow morning. While we at ThunderMatt don't really care enough to try to get a scoop on this potentially life-altering event, we can surmise that it will pertain to one of two things. Either his lackluster radio show will now be broadcast on ESPNNews ala Mike and Mike (or possibly a live webcast each day), or Cowherd will be awarded with a spot in the announcer's booth for college football games. Whichever this may be, rest assured that Colin will bask in his own self-importance, yet remind you that he is a "normal guy". For more on his wiles, I would kindly refer you to the Colin Cowherd Project on the left sidebar. Thank you for your time.