CoY Battle Royale Results: Glenallen PWNS

May 11, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

The first round battles in the Ivan DeJesus Region have concluded. In the end we had three blowouts and one that couldn't have been closer.

Rey Sanchez beats Ricky Gutierrez, 12-11
Joe Borowski beats Derrick May, 17-6
Glenallen Hill beats Scott Servais, 19-4
Les Lancaster beats Dave Martinez, 19-4

Thanks for everyone that participated. Here were some of the comments from this round of battles.
  • Scott Servais vs. Glenallen Hill was tough. Servais couldn't hit for shit, but he was a pretty good backstop. How about that tandem of Servais and Joliet Jeff Reed? Good times. I had to go with Glenallen, because let's face it, I'm afraid of him. That homerun onto the apartment building was a glorious, steroid fueled monster. There's also a great YouTube clip of him getting a hit during an intentional walk. I'm too old and lazy to find it, so Google it you lazy bastards.
  • Is there any way I can vote "no" on both Les Lancaster and Davey Martinez? Also, it breaks my heart to vote against Derrick May, but the Cubs don't make the playoffs in '03 without Sweaty Joe.
  • It's a well know clubhouse secret that the players all used to call him "Long Dong" Borowski.
Up next, we wrap up the first round with the Paul Reuschel Region. Stay tuned.