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May 02, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Jake the Terrible Cubs Fan

Thank Jebus for the Bulls and Blackhawks, otherwise we may have had to actually write about the Cubs.

Watching them has been pretty miserable lately, but it's still only been a month. There's a lot of season to go. It's ok to be frustrated or angry with the Cubs right now. But to be panicking already is utterly ridiculous. It's the equivalent of panicking over the Bears season after only two games, and sadly I think some of you do that as well.

Thunder Matt Murton batted 2nd and went 2-4 last night for the Rockies.

The first round of the Pete LaCock Region of the CoY Battle Royale wrapped up yesterday morning. Here are the final results.

Kyle Farnsworth beats Terry Adams, 20-8

Turk Wendell beats Kevin Tapani, 17-10

Doug Dascenzo beats Todd Walker, 16-11

Dwight Smith beats Jim Bullinger, 23-4

Here were some of the responses folks left for this round of battles:
  • My favorite Turk Wendell moment: Turk is warming up in the bullpen and the camera cuts to him. He's not only scratching his crotch, he's got his whole hand shoved into his pants, which are undone and he's really going to town down there. Chip and Steve are at a complete loss for words and the horrifying image remains on screen for a good 45 seconds before some tech wisely decides to cut away. Awesome.
  • Money's on Turk or TMS bud Dwight Smith this round...
  • I always thought Todd Walker got a bum rap from Dusty. He was a butcher in the field, but the man could hit.
  • Lil' Doug!!!!!
Thanks to all that have participated and check back Monday as the first round in the Ivan DeJesus Region begins.

So, has anyone paid attention the TMS Jukebox Featured Songs at all? We've been putting up a new song each day during the week for a while now. We encourage you to check them out if you get a chance.

Today's song is "Broke Down" by Radio Moscow. This is an up and coming band from Iowa that plays some heavy psychedelic blues rock. If you dig the Black Keys or Wolfmother I highly recommend you check them out. "Broke Down" is off their most recent album entitled "Brain Cycles."

That's all for now. Rockies in 6!