April 30, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

Wow. Speechless. With all due respect to the Chicago Blackhawks (it goes without saying that the Cubs and Sox don't even warrant a mention), right now the Chicago Bulls are the ONLY GAME IN TOWN. And if you aren't watching this series, well...I honestly feel sorry for you.*

The latest in chapter in this heart attack inducing saga included tonight's 128-127 Bulls victory....in triple overtime! For those playing along at home, the series is now tied 3-3, with 4 of the 6 games going into overtime. Ri-cock-ulous. Do yourself a favor and look up the highlights. (I can't hold your hand.) Watch Brad Miller hit a huge 3 at the end of regulation. Watch Joakim Noah (what!) make the play of the year with a steal and throw down (and one!) as time was running out. Watch unheralded John Salmons go MJ on everybody with 35. Watch Ray Allen hit clutch dagger after clutch dagger and Rajon Rondo make more bitch fouls.

Madness I tell you!

Game 7 is Saturday night in Boston at 7pm Chicago time. If you don't watch that one, just stop reading our site. (Or writing for our site, same thing.) Even if they lose, it's been epic and they have nothing to hang their heads about (unlike the bloated Celtics), but I honestly think we might pull it off.

Go Baby Bulls!

*Saying that you "don't like basketball" or "hate the NBA" isn't a valid excuse. Sack up and put down your wine cooler. If you like "sports" or even just "competition", this is must-see-TV.