Gist on Ice: Blackhawk Playoffs Game 2: Hawks 3 Flames 2

April 19, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Arcturus

A Chicago sports victory trifecta, does it get any sweeter? Following victories by the Cubs and Bulls, the Blackhawks made it a perfect day by defeating the Flames 3 to 2. Martin Havlat was the go to guy in Game 1, scoring 2 goals. In Game 2, that role would go to 20 year old captain, Jonathon Toews. If you haven't been watching the Blackhawks, then you've been missing out on one of the most exciting young players in any sport. Following the same blueprint as Thursday night, the Hawks came out of the gate sluggish through the first period. Down 2 zip after the first, the youngsters once again upped their game with goals from Patrick Sharp and two tallies by Toews, one on a power play. The Boulin Wall was in full effect, not allowing a goal after the first period, making several spectacular saves along the way.

Look, I know hockey has become something of a national joke, but this Blackhawk team is a gas to watch. When they get rolling, they set a quick, exciting pace of game. I was a big Hawks fan in college, but let the team slip by the wayside. It wasn't until John McDonough took the job as team president that I began to get interested again, and not until this season that I began watching games regularly again. I'm totally glad I did, as Jonathon Toews, Patrick Kane, Kris Versteeg, Marty Havlat, Nicolai Khabibulan, Dustin Byfuglin, and others are among some of the most excting athletes I've seen. This team is legit and is poised to be for years to come. They may not be good enough to get past Detroit and they still have to win two more to get past Calgary, but here's hoping they take it as far as they can.

Oh, and Ryan Dempster was at the game, taking shots at the net during the 2nd intermission penalty shot competition. Dempster Baby was wearing a plaid sportjacket even Shecky Green would have been embarrassed to be seen in. Ryan, you just signed a huge four year deal in the off-season. You can afford a nice suit, jerkweed. Christ, at least let your wife pick out your clothes if you can't handle it yourself.