BullGist: Game 2

April 20, 2009 | Comments (0) | by The Hundley

Bulls 115 - Celtics 118

Let's get it out right now, the Celtics had 34 second chance points (21 offensive rebounds) while the Bulls had just 12. There's not much else to say, that's where they lost the game. If it's possible to play solid D while still giving up 118 points in today's NBA game, the Bulls did. By and large most of the Celtic's shots were contested when the Bulls weren't blocking them - a staggering 14 blocks for Chicago.

The fourth quarter turned into a two man show with Ben Gordon dueling with Ray Allen. Christ, they were even guarding one another. The action was back and forth, and the game changed leads 14 times. Gordon finished with a game-high 42 points and hit six threes. Allen finished with 30 points and also hit six three-pointers (four in the fourth), the biggest of which came with :02 on the clock to give the Celtics a two point lead and the win.

This was a game the Bulls needed. Rajon Rondo finished with a triple double, though was clearly slowed in the second half with a knee/ankle injury. Paul Pierce looked dead and showed little emotion. Obviously KG was still out. The Bulls had a 5-point lead with two minutes to play. It was there for the taking. Still, we head back to Chicago with home court advantage in our favor, and we've won 14 of our last 16 at the United Center.


Junior War Criminal: Comcast. The only good thing they offer is Stacey King. I know it's been this way all year, but I miss Tom Dore. I do not like Neil Funk. Ugh. Yet even worse is the TV coverage. Countless free throws and inbound passes are missed in lieu of shots of bench players. I'd rather see the live action instead of Tim Thomas joking around and not paying attention. Court side cameras are great for replays, not for continuous game action. Pull your head out of your ass, Comcast. All you're doing is making TNT and ABC look that much better.

"Put Noah in a woodchipper." - Chaim Witz, post game.