BullGist: Game 1

April 18, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

Bulls 105, Celtics 103 - Overtime

The Rose hath officially bloomed. If you aren't watching the NBA playoffs (probability: high), here's your reason to my friends. Derrick Rose, the humble rookie phenom for Chicago put the show in showtime Saturday morning against the Kevin Garnett-starved defending champs. 36 points (rookie record), 11 assists, 4 rebounds, 12-12 FT, 12-19 FG and enough dick in the dirt plays to recall a certain #23, minus the tongue wagging and phantom fouls.

Full disclosure, I don't watch a lot of pro hoops. I watch some Bulls games here and there, but as is the case with most of America, it's hard for me to get into a full 82 game schedule. Playoff basketball, on the other hand, is a different beast (I'm told the same is true for playoff hockey). The intensity is turned up and it's anybody's ballgame, as the game Chicago Bulls proved today. Granted, the idea of a Best of 7 first round series is patently absurd, but all big picture qualms aside, today's game was Case In Point as to why you should watch the NBA Playoffs. Derrick Rose vs. Rajon Rondo (yes, Rajon Rondo) in a back and forth dick-puncher that was entertaining as all get out from the first tip to the final buzzer.

Tyrus Thomas was clutch, hitting lots of jumpers that have you going, "NOOOOOO.....YES!", and Ben Gordon was big in crunch time, as is his MO. That guy can miss his first 20 shots, but once he gets going, it's over. Hell, even Joakim Noah was an absolute beast on the boards, racking up 17 of em, even if the Bulls did have to overcome his horrible foul at the end of regulation that sent the game to Overtime.

But the real star of the show was Derrick Rose. Good God. I don't even know what to say about this kid. If you're leery about dipping your toes into the NBA waters (I'm sure you have your reasons, you racist bastard), just give this guy a chance. I can't remember the last NBA game, nay basketball game, that had me pacing, swearing and getting legitimately "jacked up" before today. All because of #1. The guy is smoother than a glass of well aged scotch and more fun to watch than midget mud wrestling. He may not be much for the post game soundbite (the guy has more 'ummms' than a high school public speaking class), but that's ok. He lets his game do the talking and trust me, it talks plenty of trash for him. Go Bulls.