The Gist, Game #8

April 15, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

Matt Murton's Parent Club 5, Northsiders 2

Since we've made the executive decision to use "flag girl" every time the Cubs win, we need something for when they lose too. All in favor of Alyssa Milano photos raise their hand. (I'm raising something else if you know what I mean. Hi-Yo!) For today's loss, I blame Alyssa Milano.

As Lou Piniella succinctly concluded, today Rich Harden didn't pitch, he threw. He struck out 8, but was more erratic than Dick Cheney's sharpshooting. Derrek Lee hit a garbage time home run and we got a couple of guys on late, but Little Mikey Horse N' Phone f'd up big time by trying to advance on a passed ball only to get gunned down, effectively killing any hopes of a rally.

The worst part? Jason Marquis went all Harvey Milk and totally manhandled us. Frustrating at best.