The Gist: Game 11

April 18, 2009 | Comments (0) | by Chaim Witz

Cubs 7, Assholes 5

Cubs win, Cubs win! Rammy Ramirez goes fucking deeeeeeeeep in the 11th to give the Cubs the win over the dreaded Cardinals. Oh, by the way...fuck the Cardinals.

Rammy, previously 0-5, donkeypunched one off of Dennis Fucking Reyes. That dude is so fat that he shouldn't even be allowed to watch a game much less pitch in one. Denny served up a fat taco and Rammy went BLAM and blasted one into the bleachers.

I was in Wrigleyville to watch it all go down. The Gingerman deserves your money. That place has street cred coming out of it's tattooed arse. Again, F the Cardinals. Go Cubs go.

Oh yeah, Theriot was the balls and Kevin Gregg stepped up like a goddamn man. Neil Cotts, on the other hand, failed to provide an reason for him to go on living. My wife may call you Neil "Hotts", but to me, you are Neil "Cocks".